【DIY】Make your Whisky Handcraft Kit


The kit does not include the base alcohol
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【DIY】Make your Whisky Handcraft Kit

A Special Gift to your beloved!
Personalize label made for handwriting your personalize message to your loved one
Simple and easy to make in just 3 steps
8 tubes of components – 3 types of Scotland Organic Wood Whisky Chips + 6 other spices e.g. organic cinnamon, orange peel etc

What are in the kit?
-500ML glass bottle with rubber stopper x2
-Components in tubes x8
-Stainless Steel Funnel x1

Step By Step Guidelines:
Welcome to your first Make Your Whisky Kit! This guideline will help you to make your first bottle perfectly – on your first try!!
Step 1: Find a simple base alcohol.
Make Your Whisky: You can get either a bottle of Vodka (Absolut & Smirnoff are excellent choice) , neutral grain alcohol or simply a bottle of Whisky (Johnnie Walker Black Label works well for us)
Step 2: Design Your favorite
Make Your Whisky: Choose one type of wooden chip at your pleasure. Then choose the favourite you like – for example, if you like cocoa, add cocoa into bottle A. For how many you should add, it depends on how strong you prefer the flavor to be.

Step 3: Infuse it!
Once you have design your favourite and add the ingredients you love, add the base alcohol into the bottle. We recommend to add about 500ml for good malting.
Then, sit back and relax. Let the bottle sits at a chill, nice table without direct sunlight.
Make Your Whisky: Typically takes 48 hours for good infusion.

Our photos are taken under sunlight / studio with lightening equipment.
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