HKer Assorted WATCHES


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HKer Assorted Watches「香港人」手錶系列
**Movement is made in Japan**

Colour 錶面款式:
White HKer 純白底 HKer 字 / Black City HKer 城市線條黑底 HKer 字 / Black&White City HKer 城市線條黑白底 HKer 字
Belt 錶帶:
Genuine Leather 真皮皮帶 /
Steel Mesh 鋼織帶 (Limited to White HKer)

Colour: White HKer
Changeable Belt: Genuine Leather (Black & Burgundy) 真皮皮帶(黑色&酒紅色) / Steel Mesh 鋼織帶
Diameter : 36mm / 40mm


Colour:Black City HKer / Black&White City HKer
Belt: Genuine Leather (Brown / Black)
(Diameter : Around 4cm)


Our photos are taken under sunlight / studio with lightening equipment. Photos which taken in different environment or different cameras may lead to chromatic aberration. Please kindly take this condition into your consideration before purchasing.

Additional information

Colour 錶面

純白底 HKer 字 (White HKer) 36mm, 純白底 HKer 字 (White HKer) 40mm, 城市線條黑底 HKer 字 (Black City HKer), 城市線條黑白底 HKer 字 (Black&White City HKer)

Belt 錶帶

Black Leather 皮帶黑色, Brown Leather 皮帶啡色, Steel Mesh 鋼織帶, Burgundy Leather 皮帶酒紅色, Full Set With Three Belts全套三款錶帶

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