Homemade Cookies Seri (4 flavors) by Mirai Bakery


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Homemade Cookies Seri (4 flavors) by Mirai Bakery

About Mirai Bakery
Established since May 2020,
Mirai Bakery has been building a mutual supporting relationship with a group of passionate teenagers.
Mirai Bakery and its fellow teens take everything on themselves –
test receipts, create own flavors, bake, design packages,
print cans and so on.
Their cookies are more than just cookies.

12 cookies in one can,
and 3 in each individual pack
Chocolate and walnut (Black Can)
Matcha Butter (White Can)
Strawberry (Pink Can)
Original Butter (Green Can)
**Produced in a factory where also handles cereals containing gluten;
crustacea and crustacean products;
eggs and egg products;
fish and fish products;
peanuts, soybeans and their products;
milk and milk products (lactose included);
tree nuts and nut products
**CU & PolyU themed painting on the aluminum cans is manually produced by screen printing. Please allow minor flaw occurs during the production.

Our photos are taken under sunlight / studio with lightening equipment.
Photos which taken in different environment or different cameras may lead to chromatic aberration.
Please kindly take this condition into your consideration before purchasing.

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Chocolate and walnut (Black Can), Matcha Butter (White Can), Strawberry (Pink Can), Original Butter (Green Can), One Set: All 4 flavors

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