August 8, 2021 《抉擇》


幾多往時夢 幾許心惆悵 別了昔日家 萬里而去 心潮千百丈 收起往時夢 拋開心惆悵 任那海和山 助我尋遍 天涯各處鄉 闖一番新世界 挺身發奮圖強 要將我根和苗 再種新土壤 就算受挫折 也當平常 發揮抉擇力量 再起我新門牆 似那家鄉樣 勝我舊家鄉 林子祥 《抉擇》 – 1979年無線電視劇《抉擇》主題曲

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January 7, 2021 Our City

Our City

HKer Mall is more than a shopping platform. We hope to conserve and enrich the Hong Kong culture, traditions, and customs through our work. We work closely with the local designers, manufactuers, and other businesses. We support and partner with other like-minded Hongkongers – who love this city. These include the people of Seeds of […]

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