HKermall 不只是一個購物平台,其建立的目的是藉著網購推廣香港文化、香港製造的訊息。



HKermall is developed not just an online shop, but also a major platform to spread all over the world on behalf of the message of Hong Kong culture and Hong Kong-made products.

The main ideas and concepts of products come from most common issues and concerns locally. By choosing to work with local designers, unique and creative products are made with strong sense of local color and culture, and it enables “hometown feeling”.

We will continue to present more and more culture-valued products which promote Hong Kong style.
Thank you for your support.

開放時間:星期一至五下午2時至8時、星期六下午2時至5時 (星期日及公眾假期休息)

聯繫我們:  whatsapp 號碼 (852) 9511-0729。